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Wow! I immediately fell in love with the mysteries of this scent (After Shave Tonic). So did my wife. And everyone else that caught a whiff thought so too. I purchased a second bottle so I would have a reserve supply. Kudos to you. It is fantastic. - EE. P.

The Absolute Best!
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A friend recommended this shave crème. Wow. I was amazed at the close shave without irritation. This is the best shave crème on the market. Louie D. thanks for recommending this. - Maxwell C.

Amazing Conditioning Beard Oil
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I have quite a thick beard. Kind of like otter fur. So I need a deep conditioning oil that will do it’s job and smell great. I got exactly what I’m looking for in this oil! Not too oily, not too watery. Just right. It has a nice manly smell, too. Can’t wait to take a picture of the bottle in front of Hemingway’s houses in both Key West and Havana this January. Thanks again! - Jeffrey W.

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About Us

World-class Products Inspired by a Life Almost Too Fantastic to be Real

Ernest Miller Hemingway virtually defined masculinity in the 20th century - surviving both World Wars and the Spanish Civil War, he went on to enjoy an unprecedented career in journalism, adventure, and praise.

Word of his actions spread throughout the world as he sailed through the oceans of history as a renowned writer and avid hunter who believed that real men live their lives to the fullest.

Inspired by Hemingway's legend and his larger than life experiences, Hemingway Accountrements seeks to rekindle our pride in unapologetic masculinity.

Hemingway Accoutrements offers an exquisite men's line of artisan-crafted, small-batch shave, beard and skincare products fortified with some of nature's heartiest botanicals.

Reminiscent of the writings and travels of Hemingway, our products contain only the highest quality ingredients and truly intoxicating one-of-a-kind aromas.

Our line includes Aftershave Tonic, Shave Crème, Post Shave Relief Balsam, Beard Oil, Ultimate Strength Skin Repair and Remedy Salve, Age Defending Face Elixir and Eau de Parfum (EdP) Cologne.



Hemingway Accoutrements™ is trademarked and under exclusive licensing through Fashion Licensing of America, Inc.