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Aftershave Tonic

Sale Price :$52.00

Shave Crème

Sale Price :$34.00

Post Shave Relief Balsam

Sale Price :$45.00

Conditioning Beard Oil

Sale Price :$30.00

Ultimate Strength Skin Repair & Remedy Salve

Sale Price :$48.00

Age Defending Facial Elixir

Sale Price :$58.00

Ernest Hemingway Artisan Series Razor and Brush Shave Set

Sale Price :$1,480.00
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Hemingway Shaving Box Set

Our Price:$131.00
Sale Price : $120.00
You save: $11.00 (8.4%)

Sample Pack / Travel Set: Shave Crème, Aftershave Tonic & Post Shave Relief Balsam

Our Price:$45.00
Sale Price : $39.00
You save: $6.00 (13.33%)

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