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Self care in a crisis. A working from home survival guide

Posted by Sarah Irwin on

Self care in a crisis. A working from home survival guide

We are in unprecedented times folks! With the ongoing fallout of the COVID19 pandemic we are seeing businesses asking their employees to work from home to keep businesses running while maintaining the health and safety of their employees. We are seeing people calling into meetings, enjoying concerts via live streams and an entire nation glued to their news and twitter feed. We are isolating, quarantining and sheltering in place.

Below are some important tips for maintaining yourself as you work from home. 

Working from home doesn’t mean pajama time.
Put on clothes that are comfortable but also smart enough for any video conferencing you might need to do. Every day there are more and more funny videos emerging of people who have been caught in their pajamas while working from home. Try to maintain a level of professionalism in your attire. Choose colors that will compliment your skin tone, even a clean, flattering T-shirt or sweatshirt will do the job, just ensure your t-shirts or sweatshirts do not feature stains, offensive words or divisive political messages. You still represent your company. 

Put on your shoes.
Part of the battle for getting a productive days work completed while working from home is trying to simulate your behavior in the workplace within your own home. There aren’t many professions that require or allow their employees to go without shoes so the simple act of putting your shoes on might put you in the correct frame of mind for completing a good day’s work. If you normally wear boots or high heels you can certainly swap them out for a comfy pair of slip-on’s or flats, but the simple measure of adding footwear can prepare you for a day’s work well spent.  

Maintain hygiene.
While it is true that modern conference calls or chat conversations do not yet feature the function to smell the person you are talking to, it is essential that you maintain good levels of hygiene. Be sure to complete your normal daily hygiene regime including brushing your teeth, washing your hair, applying face products and applying deodorant. These things will not only place you into the right mind frame for working as normal, but they will also maintain a good level of mental health and wellbeing for you. Your lack of hygiene can eventually translate into visible signs of deteriorating, having greasy hair, breakouts and dirty teeth on a conference call is not a sign of professionalism and could cost you your reputation.

Looking good means you feel good.
Don’t just feel you need to meet basic levels of cleanliness, make sure that you are still looking good. While it is true that you may not be seen by anyone more than your coworkers via video conference, drive through operators and delivery people the way you look can translate into how we feel about ourselves and therefore can impact our mental health. Make sure you are still styling your hair, applying products you would usually use to feel good as well as shaving carefully or maintaining your beard. Working from home or isolating is hard on our emotional and physical wellbeing so anything you can do to boost your self-esteem and happiness is worth doing. This is important as we aim to maintain high levels of efficiency in our telework, we need to feel good to perform. 

Smelling good means you feel good.
A strong part of feeling good will also be connected to smelling good. Not only should you be maintaining high levels of hygiene, you should also take the time to look and smell good. Our sense of smell is directly tied to how we feel, as well as being tied to certain activities and emotions. You should still try to maintain as much normalcy from your normal routine. You may find that a small spritz of your daily cologne or perfume will place you into the mindset of an employee, ready for an effective day of work. Your partner might appreciate the effort as well. As many of us are in close quarters, a little extra effort will mean the world to those who are living and working close to you. 

Take the self-care further.
Without as much social interaction and fewer entertainment options, you have no excuse not to spend some time on taking care of yourself. Self-care in times of concern or stress can really help you maintain your mental health and heighten your mood. Take the time to wet shave, apply a face mask or run a bath for yourself. None of these things are feminine pursuits, they are all about self-care and they feel really good! 

As usual Hemingway Accoutrements is here to make you feel, smell and look good. We hope you are taking good care of yourselves and keeping yourselves busy. Check out the guidelines from the CDC to make sure you're doing things right! 

Big elbow bumps from Allen, Tina, Sarah, and the team! 


Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

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